Physicum, University of Helsinki

The building is a part of the Helsinki University's Kumpula campus area and a long-term plan in which laboratory, teaching and research facilities of various university departments are concentrated on three campuses outside the city centre. The facilities of the Department of Physical Sciences have been placed in 'Physicum', as well as a library servicing the whole campus. The main materials of the facades, whitened concrete block and an untreated aluminium grid, are repeated inside the building. The wood and veneer surfaces give colour and warmth to the pedestrian routes.

Physicum 02 Pertti Nisonen
Physicum Photo Jussi Tiainen 06
Physicum Photo Jussi Tiainen 19
Physicum Photo Jussi Tiainen 08
Physicum Kampus Rakennukset Rasteroitu

Project Details

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Year: 2001
  • Total area: 20,500m2
  • Programme: University facilities, laboratories, research facilities