The Lost Shtetl

The Lost Shtetl is at the same time a memorial and a museum. Both of the features are to be found in here – the entity is a remembrance of a lost village, but also a universal interpretation of community living and about the physical environment, where we all have the right to live. No other goals have been set to the symbolism of the building –the village itself will tell the story of life.

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More than 96% of Lithuania’s Jewish population was decimated during the Holocaust – The Lost Shtetl aims to restore the memory of the lost people and their rich culture that was systematically exterminated.

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The Lost Shtetl museum is a modern abstraction of the traditional pitched-roof houses that made up the Eastern European local Jewish villages, known as shtetls. Each ‘house’ within The Lost Shtetl will have a distinct function, including exhibitions, galleries, learning and archiving facilities, and administration space. From roof to walls, the entire outside of the buildings will be clad in metal tiles that reference to the wooden shingles of the traditional shtetl houses.

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A blend of modest and traditional architecture give place for a seamless, powerful narrative of pre-Holocaust Jewish life in Lithuania

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Projektin yksityiskohdat

  • Sijainti: Šeduva, Lithuania
  • Vuosi: Ongoing
  • Kokonaispinta-ala: 3000 m²
  • Suunnitelma: Museum, multi-purpose hall, administration spaces
  • 01Quick Facts
    • The project remembers the lost Jewish villages, 'shtetls', decimated by the holocaust
    • The Lost Shtetl plays the role of both memorial and museum
    • Both exhibitions and architecture are combined seamlessly, projecting a clear narrative
    • Each function has its own 'house' within the 'shtetl'
    • The large pitched roofs take their form from vernacular architecture
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