The facilities of the Wooden Boat Centre in Kotka are designed to maintain and restore classic wooden yachts up to 12mR class. The building is open for the public and its 'open' layout will bring renewed interest into saving and restoring classic wooden yachts.

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01 Puuvenekeskus Jussi Tiainen
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  • Sijainti: Kotka, Finland
  • Vuosi: 2008
  • Kokonaispinta-ala: 1300m2
  • Suunnitelma: Wooden boat restoration centre
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    The refurbishment and construction of wooden boats is a skill-intensive and exquisite craft that uses carefully selected high-quality materials. This idea could be expressed in the façade of the Wooden Boat Centre by choosing a genuine and valuable surface material, which shows the imprint of the handicraft and later the patina of time. The shape of the building also supported the choice of copper. Copper as a material is a time-lasting, genuine and honest material that lives its own life under the influence of the environment. It is unique in each of its destinations.

    The shape of the building seeks its inspiration from streamlined sailboats and hull their structures but represents them in the language of architecture. Large glass surfaces bring transparency to the operation and, with the copper surface, reflect the proximity of the sea and the port.

    The building includes four different parts, which are a workshop, a storage space, a café and exhibition space, as well as office and social facilities. The workshop is used for repairing old wooden boats and crafting new ones. Boats are stored in the storage space, where also light surface treatment work can be carried out. Various exhibition events can be held on the second floor.

    The height of the workshop hall is 15.4 metres. The profile of the hall consists of three arches of different radii. The space is dimensioned according to the largest wooden boat class 12mR.

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    Photos: Jussi Tiainen